Friday, April 17, 2020

Artistic Style Digital Scrapbooking Templates, New Kits and Collections for The GingerScraps Shop and a Whole Lot of Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm splitting it up again, as usual and will have another blog tomorrow with your new hybrid.  Today, I've got a lot of page inspiration for you.  I've put several of our latest collections and kits in the GingerScraps shop and I'm linking you up to all of the coordinating freebies with these kits and collections.  Plus I've got links to even more free stuff.  Enjoy!!!

 Splat Scat N Paint

Today's templates are not new!  All three were free nearly 2 years ago.  The last one is new, though.  I added it make a nice set and a few people said they'd love if I put those old templates in the shop.  I can't blame them at all.  All of the paint in these are so awesome.  Wait until you see what I and my amazing team have done with them.  The papers you make with these can come out really beautiful.

That's mine.  That's my boy.  That's the Mediterranean Ocean and that's my poem.  Totally applies to today!  Deep breaths...let the crap go...put on a smile...and keep moving forward.

I thought I might do a page with more of a traditional feel incase there were some out there curious to see how that would look.

Splat Scat N Paint and Romajo

Feel free to flip and turn so they meet your needs.

Splat Scat N Paint and products from the Sweet Shoppe

Splat Scat N Paint and goods from the Sweet Shoppe

I just love the way Wendy's paper came out, above.  Most of that is from our template.

Splat Scat N Paint and goodies from Simplette

Splat Scat N Paint and Kimeric

Splat Scat N Paint and Forever Joy Designs

Splat Scat N Paint and goodies from GingerScraps

Splat Scat N Paint and North Meets South

Splat Scat N Paint and more from the Sweet Shoppe

Splat Scat N Paint and a mix

Again, these are new kits and collections, but they are new to GingerScraps.


With each One Word Wonders kit and collection, you get a free template!  How cool is that?!

Here's a freebie I have with it.  
 free quick page

Another new, close to my hear collection is Optimism.  It has to do with mental crap, my kids with Autism, my own acute anxiety and just all of the GRRRR that life can sometimes bring.  A bit dark, but with a silver lining.  I really love the free template that comes with it.  There are a lot of artistic bits and definitely a lot of attitude, too!


These are all of my pages.  I went crazy with it.  I love it SO much and I hope you do, too.


Get creative with that crazy template!


Great for dudes and teens!



 Wishful thinking Templates

I've also got some planner printables and really, really cool dashboards in the Kreative Design Studio.

 Optimism printables

Here's the coordinating freebie.
 Free Quick Page

Subscribers to our newsletter got this entire kit for FREE as a holiday present from yours truly.  It pays to be a part of The Cherry Family and we'd certainly love to have you join us.  This is now available for sale in the GingerScraps shop.


Here's a page I've designed with my friend Rachelle's super creative templates.



This is the coordinating freebie.  I'll be back soon with a blog on various ways to use book markers on your pages.

 Book Marker Freebie

Another really popular kit of ours from the One Word Wonders Series, is Ethereal.  It too comes with a free template, you can see it in the preview.  There are two sides to this kit.  A soft subtle side and one with more impact, too.



This was my first kit in the One Word Wonders Series.  It also has a free template.  I love these colors and it certainly is full of luxurious goodies.


There are some more zipper templates!



And another page I made with it...


Your coordinating freebie.
 Free Frickie

By the way, none of these freebies are new, but they might be new to you so check your stash.

Showing off a page with our Play Hard Templates that were on sale for only $2 on Tuesday.  Set your notifications for our $2 Tuesday at GingerScraps.  It's such an awesome deal, every week!

Also don't forget all of the free stuff over in the GingerScraps forum for the Challenges.  We're hosting the Desktop Challenge, again and this one is a doozy!  Over 70 layers!!!

 free template

If you follow along in our group, you may have seen this amazing link from Traci Reed.  She's one ya might really be interested in.  An all around super scrappy sister.

 Traci Reed Blog

We will be back tomorrow with more page layouts from the Sweet Shoppe as well as that new, free hybrid!

Thanks so, so much for giving The Cherry a little part of your day.  We love when ya do that!

Happy Scrapping!

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