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Bunny Business Digital Scrapbooking Templates for Easter and A Free Printable Grocery List With Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Again, I'm condensing this week's blogging schedule and I didn't even send out a newsletter.  I'm sure this quarantine that's nearly gone on a month is the culprit.  There is no way staying away from and family and friends is psychologically sound for us.  We gotta do what we gotta do!  I hope you're able to stay optimistic during all of this.  I'm fortunate enough to be quarantined at our vacation home where I have a very large yard.  When I'm working outside, it's easier for me to forget all of the chaos and sorrow that is surrounding us.  Hence, my time away from the computer.  It is therapeutic and necessary.

I hope today's entry finds you and yours very well and that you're able to be thankful for what you do have.  There's quite a bit on tap, but I'll abbreviate a bit.  The usual layout love with a spring like theme.  Another free hybrid for you.  I'm sharing a little bit more on our healthy eating series and I've a few more links to some other freebies.

Now, ya know I just love me some Clever Monkey Graphics.  I and several of my gals used Tracey's new collection, Bunny Tails with this week's new Bunny Business templates.  It's in my agenda to take some pictures of my village's Easter decoration and gorgeous flowers.  The tulips are beyond fabulous right now.  I certainly need more to scrap for spring and with my new camera it should be something I can easily tick off of the To Do list.

Let's dive into those new templates and Tracey's cute collection.

Bunny Business Templates and Bunny Tails from Clever Monkey Graphics

 Bunny Business Templates

This kind of page would make a great title page or even an adorable card.

 Bunny Business Templates
Bunny Business Templates and Bunny Tails from Clever Monkey Graphics

 Bunny Business Templates
Bunny Business Templates and Bunny Tails from Clever Monkey Graphics

 Bunny Business Templates
Bunny Business Templates and Bunny Tails from Clever Monkey Graphics

 Bunny Business Tempaltes
Bunny Business Templates and Butterfly Season from Clever Monkey Graphics 

These are our Border Blast Templates and Tracey's Easter Glitter collection

 Border Blast

 Bunny Business Templates

 Bunny Business Templates

 Bunny Business Templates

Bunny Business Templates

 Bunny Business Templates

On to some more goodies in the Sweet Shoppe from our gals Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics and Jo from JoCee Designs.  If you are not familiar with Tracey's kits, I totally recommend them.  They are full, full, full of awesome.  She always provides SO many goodies.  Her kits are very full to say the least.  Look at all of this fun in my page.

 Planned Templates

For this page, I thought I'd go with the more natural vibe from her Gone Hiking collection.  I scrapped up my mountain and the beautiful Mosel River.  That ruin is an old abbey.



Look at all of the cute there is in this kit, though?  Her little critters are adorable.

Gone Hiking from Clever Monkey Graphics

Moving on to Jo's new goodies at Sweet Shoppe.  Look at all of the bright sunshine!  The colors are so fantastic.  They might be just what you need, right now.

 Here's another kit that might fix your craving.   How delicious!

Flower Power Templates and Chocoholic from JoCee Designs

Flower Power Templates


Here's my little guy on his 13th birthday with one heck of an awesome chocolate cake.  These are really fun templates!  I've provided a fun numbers template for you, too.

 Cake N' Ice Cream Templates

Have you got all 5 parts of our free kit, What's Cook'n?  They are available thanks to the participation from our fans and believe me, it was most thankfully enthusiastic.  I just loved all of thanks and encouragement with our challenges.  It really makes all of this designing of freebies totally worth it.

Free in the group!

I often mention throughout our blog that planning your menu's is one of the best things you can do.  You'll save time, money and you won't waste nearly as much.  If you are trying to improve upon your eating regiment, I totally recommend NOT buying junk or limiting it as much as possible.  I might buy a bag of chips and that's it.  We often snack on fruit and nuts.  I have certainly learned that when it ain't in the house, we don't eat it.  Besides, when ya go out and about, there is almost always an opportunity to get junk that way.

My youngest son has a heavier form of Autism than my oldest and he has one heck of a sweet tooth.  If there are sweets or junk food in sight, he will always ask for it.  If it's put away or even not available at all, he'll eat something else.  Shoo....I totally recommend this.

In the previous food related blogs over the last couple of weeks, I've touched on what not to eat and gave a few alternatives.  Keep an open mind, now. Don't get discouraged because there is a lot of food out there that you can eat and if you've the internet or even access to a library there is a wealth of recipes and if you look, you'll find things to try and do try new things.

I invite you to peruse my boards on Pinterest.  I typically Pin healthy and healthy-ish stuff.  Hey!  It won't hurt to have a sweet or something fried once a week or so.  As I mentioned before, just don't do it everyday.

The last crucial habit you need to have for good health or to get healthier is to drink water.  Our water in Belgium is just gross.  Gross!  To counter this we purchase bottled water or a make infuses with the tap water which probably should really be filtered.  Cut up citrus fruits, berries, add cucumber or even ginger.  It makes the water a lot more palatable.  Ice helps, too! Do whatever it takes so that you are getting in the recommended water intake.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the huge changes you'll get just from drinking more water!  You should be drinking at least 3-4 liters a day.  I keep a bottle of water at my desk along with a huge canister of nuts, seeds and dried berries to munch on when I get hungry.

 Free Printable Grocery List and template

Enjoy our free printable Grocery list AND template.  I decided to provide a template so you can make the necessary changes.  This was how I organize my weekly list.  Don't forget the free printables from the last two weeks.  A recipe card and a menu planner.  Trust me, start using a planner and a list.  You won't regret it.  Promise!

Check out this lovely page from one of our fans.  This was one of the three required pages and now Lulu gets to play with the second part of the Progressive Challenge.  Come to our scrap-a-licious group and join in on all of the fun!  We'd love to have ya!

Read more about our most generous freebies over in the group.

Free in the group!

Free with participation!

Here's a fabulous freebie from Aimee Harrison that she gave in her newsletter.  She's another very generous designer.  I totally recommend following along with her, too.

 Aimee Harrison Designs

 BorderBlast Templates

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  We hope you follow along all of our social hot spots.  You can find them in the side bar and especially our group.

Stay safe, look for all of the awesome that's around you and if you have to...dig a little to find it.  Take a deep breath and make sure to find the time to do the things you love.

Take good care and happy scrapping!

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