Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lazy Curl Care

Welcome to another helpful edition of The Cherry On Top.

We're talking about hair care.  Specifically, care for dry, lazy curls like these pictured here.

I didn't always have curly hair, but after years of perming, children and treating my hair as if it were curly, here they are.

For years, I thought I had frizzy hair and I treated my hair with all kinds of crazy hair products, including really expensive ones.  Super conditioners, masks and anti-frizz treatments that cost a lot of money and gave mediocre results.

Then I read about coconut oil and how good it is for your hair.  I thought I'd ditch the traditional hair care products and go all natural, just to see if there would be a difference and there was, fast. 

Have you any idea of all of the benefits of coconut oil for your hair?  Check out this list:

improves scalp health
fights infections and fungus
supports hair growth
adds volume and shine
alleviates or improves dandruff condition
protects from the sun
lice prevention and treatment

I started using all natural shampoo.  It doesn't lather up, which was kind of weird, but I'm thinking perhaps whatever ingredient(s) that makes shampoo lather, might be one of the culprits ruining my hair.  I found the same with all natural toothpaste, but that's for another blog. (See how white my teeth are in the above photo.) Even after using conditioner, my hair felt kind of sticky and it still felt dry.

As most dry hair folks know, you shouldn't wash your hair often.  I wash once or twice a week.  I also wash my hair with a simple baking soda and water paste every couple of months.  It doesn't lather either, but it certainly is an all natural cleanse that costs mere cents.

This is what I do.  It's fairly fast and it works for me.  You may have to experiment a bit to get the result that's right for you.

Firstcomb out your hair really well before going into the shower.  Gently pull out all of the loose hair, too.  This will also help with your drain!

Second, go all natural with your shampoo.  (One with Tea Tree oil would be great!  I don't buy masks or conditioners any more either.  Talk about saving some serious cash and my hair has never looked or felt better.)  Wash your hair.

Third, when you're finished washing and rinsing your hair, t-shirt dry. (Don't use softeners on these either because softeners actually make your fabric less absorbent.) Like your pillow case, a towel is the worse texture for your hair.  Try not to touch your hair too much.  Wring it out and let it towel dry as long as you can. Take some coconut oil in your hands and rub it all over them being carful not to use too, much and condition your hair.  Squeeze and dab it into your hair gently.  I always crunch the ends. Hit up those areas where it's the most frizzy.  The back and the ends mostly.  If you use too much oil your hair will be waited down and even look oily.  I sometimes still use a touch too much oil, but it's no biggy.  Just rinse it out when you take your next shower.  Keep in mind, no other store bought, unnatural stuff actually soaks into your hair like coconut oil.

The next tip has also made a big difference in the frizz.  

Step four, and this if you don't have time to air dry because of course, that's the best way to keep those curls in tact, use a hair dryer with a diffuser.  Keep the speed and temperature lower if you have the time.  I always dry with my head upside down for even more volume.  I'm an 80's lady from the south, what can I say?  Also, try to touch your hair as little as possible and position parts of your hair on the diffuser and just let it sit and dry.  Notice, I didn't pick or comb through my hair after the wash.  If you absolutely have to, try to just go through the tips with a pick or large toothed comb.

Check out this thorough article I found and read another way to condition with coconut oil.

I've not been using any other products on my hair unless I'm going out somewhere special.  Then I might use a touch of something sticky for even bigger volume and styling, but it does defeat the purpose of going natural and improving hair health.  
I found that when using unnatural products my scalp had a terrible residue, it itched after a couple of days and the frizz was really bad, too.  Your fabric on your pillow can also reek havoc on your hair.  Satin is best.  It's better for hair loss as well.

So try ditching the typical products for your hair and go all natural.  Give it a couple washes and again, experiment with the amount of coconut oil that's right for your hair.

The best of luck!

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