Saturday, July 18, 2015

Super Simple Cleaning Tip

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Every now and then you have to get out the tiny tools to clean those tough to reach spots or those cracks and crevices around appliances, furniture, etc.

I often use a toothpick and it works great, but I recently tried something different.  The result is even better and it's faster and easier, too.

Keep those old heads to your electric toothbrush and use them to clean those hard to reach and clean places.  Even the tiniest of spaces come clean.

We mostly use all natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda, then rinse off the electric apparatus.  You could always have a separate one just for cleaning if you're creeped out by cleaning something you brush your teeth with.

A touch of bleach helps on those stubborn places where the natural products just don't do the trick.  I was scrubbing and scrubbing away at a few places in my bathroom sink when I spotted my electric toothbrush and eureka!  Hehehe...

I should have done before and after pictures.  I always get this yucky ring around the sink's drain and around the bottom of the faucet.  A few seconds of brushing with the tip of the brush just dipped in the lid of the bleach did the trick.

I then went on to the shower to do the tough spots there, with my traditional baking soda and wow!  No elbow grease needed and a more than better result.

If you want to learn more about natural cleaning products or cleaning tips, hit up our Clean, Clean, Clean board on Pinterest.


Give it a try!

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