Saturday, April 16, 2016

Adorable Spring Card from The Cherry On Top and Paty Greif Digital Designer

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's hybrid Saturday.

At The Cherry we go for economical, fast and easy projects and this is a great example.  I've teamed up with Paty Greif Digital Designer, again.  Her newest collection, Colors in My Garden is another must have.  There are some designers where I just must have all of their collections and Paty is at the top of that list.

Her designs are always fun and unique with amazing colour palettes.  Keep reading to find out how we designed this festive, brilliant dimensional card in easily under an hour.   Take a look at this beautiful collection, enjoy the tutorial and get a few useful tips for your scrappy projects.

My card is just a layout in 12x12 format printed out to fit on standard paper.  In order to get my dimensional effect I duplicated my layout and deleted everything I DIDN'T want to embellish with.  Here's the screen shot.  When you do this, your elements will stay the exact same size for a perfect fit.

I've been scrapping for nearly 2 decades and I have no fancy equipment.  Although, I did start a tally sheet for every time I wish I'd had a fancy cutting machine.  Hehehe...This was one of those times, although I must note that these were pretty easy to cut out.  The finest butterfly was the most difficult, but no biggie.

A couple of useful fussy cutting tips are:

-use small, sharp scissors
-move your design rather than the scissors
-consider outlining your pieces with either white or black and then cutting
-bright light always helps
-start with the most difficult pieces and save the easiest for last

Adhering these tiny pieces are a great way to use up the edges of your foam adhesive.

Adhere your pieces over their matching partner and perhaps, adhere the design onto some nice coordinating card stock, leaving an edged frame like I did here if you prefer.  Cut the card stock and give it a nice neat fold and that's it!

Think of all of the other ways you could use a layout like this for something hybrid.  You could frame this and hang it on the wall or set on your desk.  I plan on designing an accordion album with another one of Paty's kits and putting the mini in this card and sending it to dear ole mom.


We hope you enjoyed our quick and easy project.  Take a look at a couple of other similar ones from previous entries.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry.

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