Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Folding Match Book Mini Album Tutorial And Free Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We just love quick, easy and inexpensive paper projects.  In today's world there are a lot of people not dedicating time doing the things they love.  So, it is essential that when you finally do reward yourself, that you can start and finish a project in just a couple of hours or less.

We also understand that economics can come into play.  We address frugal techniques with great results.  Our crafting table isn't full of today's greatest gadgets or newest paper collections.  If you have all of that stuff great and if you don't, no worries.  You can still scrap up super awesome projects with just the most basic of supplies.

Scissors, adhesive, pencil...Seriously, you don't need much more to create beautiful projects.

I saw a super mini on Pinterest.  Though I couldn't find any kind of template or tutorial, I just looked at the images of the opened mini and designed our template from that.

Keep scrolling to get a look at our newest hybrid, check out the tutorial and download the template to use digitally or traditionally.  Don'cha just love options?

Here's what the album looks like when it's closed.  The purple one is the hybrid version and the black one is the traditional version. We'll have the traditional version's tutorial on a later blog.

Here's a look at the template.  Make sure you read through the tutorial to prevent some mistakes. This is in a tif format.  If you can't use this kind of format, let us know in the comments.
 free template

I didn't provide dotted lines where you should fold, but it's very easy.  Cut out all around the edges, like you see in the image below, then fold on the inner lines and fold the tabs in.  Look to our photos to see how it's done.

Open the template in your program of choice.  Get your gallery together of photos and embellishments and papers if you are using them.

The template makes placing your pictures just perfect.  In PSE14, go to the layers menu, click on the box you want to use, drag in your photo and create a clipping mask with the right click or in earlier versions, Command G.  You can then expand or shrink your picture for the perfect fit.

You can see I've also included some word art and when you look at the finished, printed version, you can see where I added elements and one background for behind the Spring Break lettering.  I outlined the lettering so that it pops against those lovely flowers.

If you want to print back to back, all you have to do is flip the template horizontally.  I tried doing it via printer, but I couldn't get it just right.  I just printed out both sheets, cut and adhered back to back.

So one side has all pictures with a couple of elements and the other side I used only backgrounds.  WARNING!  If you are going to do the other side like ours, you have to put the writing upside down. Hehehe...Hence My little purple patch of paper for the cover in the photo.  Of course, you could also add digital elements or photos to the tabs.  I did that in my traditional tutorial.

Here's what the mini looks like after printed, cut, adhered back to back and folded.

The book is all closed up. I added some coordinating paper to cover my mistake, some scalloped edging, a couple of glitter dots, doubled up some buttons and tied a coordinating, silk bow to finish it off.

If you don't want to cut off the black lines you can always ink around to even everything out, in any colour you like.

I used A-Manda Creation's Hippy Hoppity Easter kit.  Find it by clicking on the image.

 Amanda's Store/Hippity Hoppity

That's one fast and easy project for you to try out.

We've got a tiny video for this project if you want to check it out and maybe give us a thumbs up for trying.  Hehehe...It will get better, I promise.


Keep in mind, our templates are for personal use only.  If you'd like to use them professionally, we can help with that.  Just send us an e-mail for Commercial Usage.

Reward yourself by scrapping up some fun pictures.  Keep it for yourself or give it as a nifty gifty.

Thanks so much for joining us at The Cherry!

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