Friday, April 22, 2016

Freebie Friday With Awesome Printables

Welcome back to our very popular, Freebie Friday!

Every Friday we introduce a new freebie.  We are revisiting Paty Greif Digital Designer's new collection, My Colourful Garden as well as  Spring In My Garden and sharing a lot freebies from them.

These collections are so bright and fun you are going to definitely want to add it to your stash.  Think outside of pictures with great collections like these.  These images make fantastic printables.  Let Paty and I show you how!

For our hybrid project last Saturday, we showed off this pretty spring card and gave a tutorial on how to get that dimensional effect.  Click on the picture to see the tutorial.

 TCOT spring card

Turn your layouts into cards with ease!

Check out some of the freebies Paty has available and see the kinds of printables she makes on her blog

You can get this freebie over at Pinterest.  Print and put them in your agenda or on a scrappy project.

 freebies from Paty Greif

This one you get when you subscribe to Paty's newsletter.

 freebies from Paty Greif

You can find the link for this freebie when you go to the blog.


Is Paty spoiling you or what?!

Here's a look at another new collection.

This collection blew me away!  Spring In My Garden coordinates beautifully with My Colourful Garden.  I designed this gorgeous border with the fantastic elements in this collection and had a blast creating this whimsical frame of purple leaves and insects.  I thought it'd be cool to lighten the background and then mimic it in a frame for my picture, but leave it in full colour.  This way all of the surrounding elements would stand out, but not more than the photo.

This next layout is totally different than my usual.  I went for a kind of project life type of layout because I loved Paty's journal cards.  I made a 3D type of effect by using larger shadows and placing them directly over the same element from the journal card.  Like the bike in the right corner.  I made the bike the exact same size as on the card and put a small shadow on it.  I think that looks really cool!  Try it in your next project.

What do ya think of this word art I designed with Paty's gorgeousness?  If you like it, you may download it for free.  Just remember all of the freebies are for personal use ONLY and if you download, give us a shout.  It certainly is encouragement to keep the freebies coming.

 free download

Enjoy all of these fabulous freebies from Paty Greif Digital Designer and The Cherry on Top.

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Have a super scrappy weekend.  You deserve it!

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