Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throw Back Thursday With a Free Template

Welcome to our first, Throw Back Thursday.

So many times I hear, "Man! I missed that one!"  I thought it'd be fun to blog older freebies to remind readers of their awesomeness.  Hehehe...  This template tops the chart of all time hits and that's how it was chosen for this entry.

When you click on the preview, you'll shoot over to that blog where you can grab the link.  You'll also see another freebie that is still available.  The one from FB is long gone, but it might come back, too! If you see a freebie that is no longer available, make a comment and we'll bring it back!

How's this for throwing it way back?  That's my brother and I in the middle flanked by my bestie and my mom with a dress and something in hair.  OMG!  So feminine!  Hehehe...

Scroll through and see our inspiration and grab some older freebies you may have missed.  We'll be back with all new freebies on Friday, as usual as well as a fun, new hybrid you are not going to want to miss.

Here's the image that will link you up to the free downloads.

 free template

This is LouCee Creations absolutely gorgeous kit, Spirit Within.  It is still available at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  See more of it by scrolling or hitting up the store.

LouCee's Spirit within

I showed off two different layouts so you could see the difference of patterns versus solids and how you can delete parts of a template you don't want.

 LouCee's Spirit Within

This is the collection.  Fabulous!

 LouCee's Spirit Within

Here's a peek at Saturday's hybrid project.

Thanks so, so much for hanging with The Cherry!

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