Friday, February 10, 2017

Freebie Friday With The Cherry On Top and Kim Cameron Designs

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Freebie Friday.

I've got an eye full of lovely scrap inspiration, some new templates from our shop, a look at an upcoming free template, a sweet freebie for you and a plea for you to put your pennies where it counts and help out a friend's grandchild.

This layout is getting a lot of attention.  I wonder why exactly that is?  I would assume it's because of the cutest, darn cowboy in all the wild west.  Maybe those mega fun photo reels?  Or is it Kim Cameron's fabulously wild kit, Tumbling Tumbleweeds?  Hehehe...Either way, it is one great page.

 Photo Reel templates

I was asked if I could design a template of these photo reels for a traditional scrapbooking group that I am in and I'm just terrible at saying, no.  So, there ya have it!  I designed a very large set of NINE different templates and I've got them in the shop for just 1,99.  They are unbelievably versatile.  You can check out the gallery in the shop to see the many things you can do with them.

Come back for Traditional Tuesday and get this free template, while it lasts.  It comes in psd, tiff and a flat png format so traditional users can print it and use it for their pages, too.  I'll have another tutorial this Saturday in my hybrid spot to show how you can use the templates hybrid style and traditionally.

 Little Moments and PuurFect Templates

Here's another new layout with Kim Cameron's Little Moments kit and my PuurFect templates.  See! No kitties on the page!  It's best to look at the basic layout of a template and not the elements for more versatility.  Just because there is an ellie with a kitty, doesn't mean you need to scrap a cat.  Speaking of which, keep reading to find out how you can get my newest kit, for FREE before it releases!  How sweet is that?!

 Seaside Serenade and Sunshine Template

Seaside Serenade is another lovely kit from Kim.  I used my Sunshine template for it.  Find the template here.  It's just .99 cents.

 Safari Adventure and Made By Keuntje Template

Safari Adventure paired up with fun templates from Made By Keuntje.  Find the kit by clicking on my page.

 Stone Age and 57 Chevies Templates

Kim's Stone Age kit and my boys playing in a small cave by our place in Germany.  Guess which one did NOT want to go in and guess which parent thought it was best to stay outside with him?  Hehehe...I used my 57 Chevies templates.

 Scrap A Cat and Chat Event

And now, for some mega exciting news!  This Saturday, I'm hosting my first event!  It's digital, so you can join me where ever you are!  Sign up for the event, even if you're not sure you can make it and every few minutes I'll be giving out a few pieces of my newest kit, until you have them all.  Then we'll scrap and play with the goodies whilst we chat.  That's not all!

 Free Scrapbooking Kit

 Free scrapbooking kit

Once you have finished your page and you post it in our group or the event, you'll also receive one of these kitty inspired templates for free, too!

 Free Scrapbooking Kit

Thou shalt not be disturbed if you have no kitty pictures.  Look how I used the kit!  No kitties necessary.  We'd love to have you join us.  Even if you want to just sit along and see how it goes.  You don't even have to scrap.

 PuurFect Templates

These are the templates that I'll be choosing from for those who finish a page and post it.  The one on the bottom right is the template I used for my layout above and NO kitty.  Have I made myself clear, that you do NOT need to worry if you have no kitty pictures?  Hehehe...I'll also provide a few pictures of my fur babies if you want to use those.

I'm leaving you with this very important promotion.  Two of my all time favourite Scrappy Sisters, Throwing Some Scraps Around and Made By Keuntje, are putting their shops up for only $1 in hopes of raising money so that sweet Wyatt can get some very necessary surgery.  Their scrapbooking products are absolutely fabulous and I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.  What a great way to spend your pennies?!  She's included her PayPal, where you can make donations, too.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  You've certainly deserved today's freebie!  Hehehe...

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 Little Moments Freebie from The Cherry On Top

As always, our freebies are for Personal Use ONLY.  Thanks so much for +'ing, Pinning and sharing!

Happy scrapping!