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The PuurFect Scrapbooking Mini Album

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I suppose it is toal coincidence that as I'm blogging about kitties, my kitty is laying on my desk, purring loudly and giving me lovey eyes.  Hehehe...That's him, in the photo you see right here and why I designed that nice white cat in one of my latest releases, The PuurFect Kit.

I'm showing off a hybrid project using the Cute Cards from The PuurFect Kit.  You can have it scrapped up in about an hour!  You need very few supplies, too.  Doesn't that sound just great?

These are all of the supplies you need. Not bad, right?  You probably have all of this stuff.

The Puurfect Cute Cards

Here is a look at the Cute Cards.  Cute, eh?  Our Etsy shop closed because I didn't make enough sales there. Sorry for the inconvenience.  At least you can still use the How To part of the blog.

This is what the entire kit looks like.  The elements are just .99 cents as are the papers.  For just around 2 bucks, you can get totally scrappy!

The PuurFect Kit

Let's walk through this project.  It's mega easy.

First, download your Cute Cards from the shop and print them out.  I always recommend using a slightly glossy or gloss paper when printing printables.  The colour comes out more crisp and true.  I used high quality, thicker paper for the cards and a slightly better quality, somewhat glossy paper for the photos of Pluisje.

Tip:  I used the png format of the Cute Cards as a template for my photos of my kitty.  This way, when printed, they will come out the exact same size as the cards.  

Print out your photos or use a card as a template to trace around your printed photos.

Cut out all cards and photos.

I'm offering an alternative method for binding your book.  I was consider using tiny rings, but wanted to try this binding idea.

I started my album with a Cute Card for the cover, then used a photo on the back and kept with this pattern throughout the album.

Check out the above image.  You see my card and the other square is a photo of my cat.  I used the left over paper from my cut outs to design these pieces.  They are all the exact same size and folded in half.  Then placed in the centre.  Just use the fold to line it up.  I used this glue stick because it allows for a little play for perfect placement.  Glue your photo with a card, covering this tab of paper.

Do this for all of your cards.

There ya go.  All of the binding has been placed in between each page.  The photos are on the backs of each of the card.  You can choose to cut the binding how you like once everything has been adhered into place.  Remember that wet glue may cause bubbling of your paper and double sided tape will not allow for mistakes.

The next step is to adhere all of the white tabs together.  From my experience, most glue sticks don't work that well and with a little change in temperature, your project could be falling apart.  I would use double sided tape for the binding.

You may also choose to decorate your binding.  I was considering either red ribbon or coordinating paper to cover the binding, but my son spotted the book and took off with it and I can't find it anywhere to finish it.  I was going to send it to his girlfriend (she's 12, he likes older women hehehehe...) who gave us Pluisje (and the name) when he was just a kitten.

What I really like about this kind of binding is how nicely the pages flip.

I was considering doing an accordion or flip style album, but really wanted to try this out.

If you don't like the tiny white binding showing through, you can always use coordinating paper. The colours in this kit are easy to match.

What a pretty kitty!

What a nice ending to a fun mini project.

I'll show off just a couple of layouts with the kit in case you're interested.

Another thing you may want to consider is increasing the size of the cards.  I'm pretty sure they measure 3x4, which is great for digital projects, but perhaps a touch small for traditional.  I may have wanted them a little bit larger for this project, but wanted to experiment with this size to see the result and take into consideration for future projects.

I gave away one of these Cute Cards last week. I've also stuffed a free Cute Card into both elements and paper packs when you purchase the kit, you'll find them in the goodies folder.

I hope you liked today's project.  Yesterday, we showed how to change up digital templates and offered several links with free templates.

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Happy crafting!

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