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Traditional Scrapbooking With Photo Reels, Tutorial and Free Template

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

As you may have seen from a few previous blogs, these photo reels are all of the rage as of late and so I'm providing all kinds of tutorials for how to scrap with them hybrid, traditional and digital style as well as providing a free template and a series of photo reel templates are in our shop, as well so you have even more options to scrap with them no matter your scrapbooking style.

Check out our inspiration, tutorial and come back on Tuesday when we've got the free template.

I used a template from Lissy Kay Designs for my page above and used it as my inspiration for my creation of templates and tutorials.

I will honestly admit, that I was not looking forward to doing these wheels traditionally.  It's going to take a lot more work and time for nearly the same result which is why I find combining digital scrapbooking with traditional to be totally ideal.  Save time and resources by hybrid scrapbooking!  You don't have to give up the glue and glitter at all.  Keep reading to see what I mean.

Here, you see a choice of my templates, printed out along with some photos to finish a page.  In the first example, I digitally inserted or cropped in my photos to the reel.  This is a HUGE TIME SAVER and I have a much better choice of photos I can use because I can decrease the size digitally to fit in the square rather than the other way around.  If you are doing this traditionally, you'll have to make the photo fit in the box and that's not always easy.

For the reel with the swans, I digitally, selected all of the photo spots as well as the spot in the centre, in this particular template, merged the layers and chose one photo with a lot of background to put in all of the photo spots.  It literally, took me seconds to do it.  I could increase and decrease the size of my photo this way and slide it left or right, bottom or top to get just the right fit.  It won't be that easy, traditionally.

But I am going to do it traditionally just to prove that it CAN be done!  Hehehe... So, here we go!

Take a peep at my photo sheet.  I chose several  fun photos of my nieces and my boys at a sleep over, here and put them all on one paper.  Remember, quality paper is essential for a nice picture.  Use a gloss or semi gloss paper as well.  The colours will come out a lot more crisp and true.

These circle templates from Fiskar are old, but they totally rock!  You are supposed to use a circular cutting tool that comes with the templates, but I haven't figured out how to use them without making small faults.  My cuts were never perfect.  Especially, on flimsy paper.  I just cut with scissors, slowly and cautiously for a satisfactory cut.

I checked out the colours in my photos and went through my collections of traditional scrap products and found this old one.  The colours were spot on and I just love when the photos match my collection.  I'm so frugal, I keep the packaging from my collections and use it as well for embellishments.  Hehehe... You can also see I have a crude sketch for my layout.  Sketches save so much design time.

How fortunate that my circular stencil fits my template?!  Total luck!  The above reel is completely digitally done.

Here's my sheet of fun photos.  All ready to crop into my spots, traditionally.  You see, I've provided one square outside of the reel to use as a template.  Place it over your photos, trace around and cut it out.  I use either a black or white grease pencil for tracing on photo paper and a pencil for regular paper.  I would suggest using something like this as a test for this project before you go using those "good" photos that might not fit perfectly.

I place the white square over the spot on the photo I want to cut out, then hold it up to a light or window and position it exactly where it needs to go, then trace and cut.  Tah dah, the first spot is in place!

The quality doesn't project so well here, but it really is quite good.  All of the spots fit very nicely into place and I didn't use any special, fancy materials.  My template and scissors is all.

I thought it'd be fun to put this larger, round photo in the centre.  Otherwise, the reel looks a bit plain. You could make a label or some other nice scrap paper to put there.

As you can see, I used the reel as a template, traced it on to this nicer, white card stock, positioned my photos in to their approximate locations then used a glue stick for permanent placement.  I chose a glue stick because it allows room for slight movement and does not warp the paper like liquid glue.

I'll be back for Traditional Tuesday with that free template and the week after, I'll hopefully have this full layout complete.

 Photo Reel Templates

These are templates in the shop. There are NINE of them and it's just 1,99!  You can use them traditionally or digitally.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherries!

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