Friday, April 14, 2017

Fabulous Scrapbooking Freebie Friday With The Cherry On Top

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We invite you to sit back and relax and enjoy today's show.  There is so much to see.  You are sure to get a head full of inspiration and see what's hot and new in DigiLand from some of the best designers out there.

Pages of gorgeousness, previews of new kits and collections and like every Friday, FREEBIES!  Scroll through and see what's hot and add some more fabulous free stuff to your digital stash.

 No Girls Allowed

My children, playing outside!  It's a rare sight, indeed.  Hehehe...I just love kits with boys in mind.  Throwing Some Scraps Around and Made By Keuntje have teamed up for this updated collection of rough and tumble goodies.

 No Girls Allowed

This is such a unique photo of my youngest.  He looks like such an everyday kind of kid, smiling for the camera.  That's not an everyday occurrence, which makes it extra special.

 No Girls Allowed

There is a look at the collection or at least the elements.  It's linked up to the shop.

 Green Thumbs

On to my gal Kim Cameron.  She's got a fabulous garden collection available at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio and it's on a super promo price.  Just $1 for the packs for a limited time.  I used my Love Yourselfie Templates for this page.  There is more of the templates further down.  As you see, you don't need selfie shots for them.

We are totally digging our place in Germany.  The fruit trees were all in bloom when we arrived.

 Green Thumbs

The preview is linked up to Kim's shop at the Studio.

 Kim Cameron Designs kits and templates

Did you see Kim's Easter templates?  They are a must have.  So cute.  This page is linked up to her shop at Daisies and Dimples where you can find them and much more of Kim's goodies.

 Garden Party from Aimee Harrison Designs

The Digital Scrapbooking Studio has a store wide mega from some of it's top designers.  I've used Heartstrings Scrap Art's templates and Aimee Harrison Designs portions.  Garden Party is really, really lovely.

 Garden Party from Aimee Harrison Designs

The preview of the collection is all linked up for you.

 Garden Party templates from Heartstrings Scrap Art

Aren't Bryony's templates just super!?  I can't wait to play with more of them.  They are on promo for just $1!!!

 freebie hop from The Lilypad

Here is another one of Aimee's freebies.  It is linked up to her blog where you find it and others.

 Love YourSelfie Templates

Now on to my hottest templates to date!  Love YourSelfie templates are so much fun and easy to use. I scrapped myself and my oldest when he was a bit younger.  He loved the camera back then.  I had a blast designing these high tech goodies.  I'll be selling the templates for them separately in the very near future.

 Love Yourself templates

Some templates are so awesome you can just plug in your photos and you've scrapped!  That's what I did with this set.  Here's a current photo of me and my oldest at our favourite restaurant, by our house in Germany.

 Love Yourselfie Templates

My hubs took some shots of me a few years back.  Thank goodness before all of these skin conditions started.  Hehehe...My hair was even still blonde.  Hehehe...Crop in your photos into the photo spots and scrapping can be done in a snap.

 Love Yourselfie Templates

More shots of Liam and I with the Love YourSelfie templates.  Such fun colours!

 Love Yourselfie Templates

My lovely Cherry team scrapped some of the templates up.  Check out what they have designed.

 Love Yourselfie Templates

Jodi's lovely, Call me Maybe kit made this page sizzle!

 Love Yourselfie Templates

I love what Dana from Made By Keuntje has done with this one.  What a lovely little lady.  I've linked up her shop.  She's got some really lovely kits and templates there.

 Love Yourselfie Templates

Here are the templates all linked up to our nifty, little shop.

Shabby Chic Templates

Here's another newer set, Shabby Chic.  I love how universal they are.

 Bunny Biz Templates

These fun templates can also be used at quick pages.  Scrap fast with The Cherry On Top!

Ya don't even need egg related shots for them!

 free template

Let's dive into some of those freebies you find around the web.  Above, you'll see Made By Keuntje's fun template challenge for in her new group on Facebook.  We would so love to have you join us there.

 free commercial use from Made By Keuntje

Is this not some of the cutest Commercial Use you've seen?  It will be available tomorrow on Dana's blog and in the fan group.  Make sure you are following along and that you don't miss it.

 free printable book marker

Here's my freebie from last week.  A lovely book marker printable from Aimee's Harrison's Designs newer collection, A New Day.  It is so beautiful!

 free printable card

If ya still need a quick card for the holiday grab this one from a few weeks ago.  Print, fold and you're set!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry!  Join our group, check out our page, follow us here, on Pinterest and Instagram to keep up with the freebies and new releases from around DigiLand.

Happy scrapping!


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