Thursday, April 27, 2017

How To Delete Fonts

Welcome to a special edition from The Cherry On Top.

I recently heard that having too many fonts in your PSE (Photoshop Elements) can totally slow down the program.  I've seen it myself and when I cut back on styles and brushes as well, the program ran much smoother.

The idea is to install your styles, fonts, brushes as needed.  I leave a couple of favourites, but I have to admit, my program is running a lot better and faster now that I have fixed this.

Another scrappy sister inquired about the slowing of her program and I suggested this, but she didn't know how to do it and I totally forgot.  So typical!  Hehehe...I went immediately to the net and found NOTHING.  Ugh!  Talk about a time suck!  I asked on my personal Facebook and got a reaction from a designer friend with the solution.  Yay!

The best part is, it is so easy.  Double yay, yay!  Hehehe...

I and she have a Mac so the directions are different than that of Windows.  There were a few tutorials out there for Windows, but I could find none for Mac.

Ready?  Here we go...

Go to your Applications folder.  (Mine is a blue folder with a litter "A" designed from a pencil, paint brush and ruler.)

Double click on Font Book.  (It's a grey book with a big letter "F".)

Check that out!  All of the fonts that you have installed will come up. 

Click on the font you wish to discard. Another window will pop up.

Choose "Remove....."

How easy is that?!

Apparently, there is a way to get rid of ALL of the fonts you don't want. Even the ones that come with the program. I'd love to ditch all of those foreign languages and I did find an explanation.  It was extremely lengthy and it's possible that you could later have problems, but I'll hit you up with the link:  (This is Microsoft only)

Here is a video on how to get rid of fonts in Windows when the other way is not working.

I hope we were able to help you.

Happy scrapping!

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