Saturday, April 8, 2017

Scrapbook Beautiful Book Markers

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

Last week I showed off a really fun hybrid for on the refrigerator and showed how easy and fantastically you can scrapbook with collections.  Especially, when you use the clusters and borders.  We used clusters last week and this week we are using the borders.

 Blocked Templates

In the page above, I'm using Aimee's new collection, A New Day.  Isn't it just dreamy?  It was love at first sight for me.  Keep reading to see more of this fabulous collection and check out today's hybrid project.

I wanted to pop this page in here, too.  I scrapped it up a while ago with Breath of Fresh Air, also from Aimee.  This page went together really fast.  some messy edges found in the collection, aimee's gorgeous border, her word art, already designed for ya and then a tiny cluster in the top right corner.  Seriously, in under 10 minutes this page was ready.

OK, on to today's tutorial and hybrid idea.

Book markers come in all different sizes.  I designed a very basic template at 2.5x8.5 for this project. Copy your background and make it the size and shape you want.  Then duplicate it as many times as you need.

Place Aimee's beautiful borders over your template and create a clipping mask or command G in Mac.  Do this for all of your markers.

Then go back and clip in your favourite papers.  Feel free to add more goodies or journaling if you desire.  I designed these four markers in under 5 minutes!  Easy when Aimee's done all of the hard work!  Hehehe...

You can choose to print on rigid paper, laminate or print on regular paper and then adhere it to some coordinating card stock for extra colour and durability.

You see one is a touch smaller than the rest.  My printer doesn't print at 12x12 and I should have designed my template with three across and one across the bottom so it would fit on my printer paper.  I went back and made the adjustments.  Now you know how to do it right from the start.

Very often, I find that laminate not only adds water resistance and durability, but it also makes everything look so much brighter.  Yay!  Hehehe...

These would be nifty gifties for schools kids, your kids, friends, maybe you're in a book club?!  Consider punching a hole and hanging a tassel or use them as tags.  So many possibilities.

This freebie is no longer available.  

 Free book marker

I hope you enjoyed today's hybrid project.  We will be back next Saturday with another one.

Happy crafting!