Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Last Page of Maya Road's Mini Album with Webster's Pages Warehouse Box

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Traditional Tuesday.

We are finally showing off our very last page to finish up this album.  Though, I still have to choose, size and fit all of my photos.  Yikes!  I also have to decorate my cover/purse mini album which is usually my favourite part.  We'll show that to you when we get there as well as the easiest way to get tiny photos onto these little pages.

On to our last page.

I sometimes feel bad when it only takes a couple of minutes to design a page, but scrapbooking isn't always about pages that take hours to design.  You can just as easily love a page that is simple, inexpensive and quickly put together.

Remember, when you have awesome products that you love, your pages will come out super.

Check out how easy this is!  Trace your chosen paper around your page template, cut and adhere.  Don't forget those holes.  Another thing you should decide, in the beginning of your project, is how you want to juxtapose your pages in your album.  Some of my pages will appear upside down because of the way I designed the page.  If that would drive you nuts, then make sure you consider this in the beginning.

I found a fabulous cluster on one of the papers from my Webster's Warehouse box and used my fussy cutting scissors around it.  It just didn't fit, but still looks great.  I slightly bent around the very edges of my cluster to make it look more like it's coming off of the page.

Then I chopped off the excess of this word strip and layered it up on a coordinating scrap piece of paper to give more colour, dimension and balance to my overall look.

If you are wondering what happened to the other half of that pink flower, I tucked it under my cluster to add more colour.  Then clipped out another flower cluster from my paper and added it to the top for more balance and another splash of colour.  Use double sided foam tape to lift your layered word strip off of the page.  That's it!

Here's my page from last week.  Simple and fun!

Another really fun page!

I'll show off the rest of the pages so you can see them all in one place.

Use the gem strips in the warehouse box for mega wow!

All of these materials are from the Warehouse box.  Making it so easy to coordinate the pieces and have pretty pages.

I just love this page!  Fold the wings gently to make it look like your butterfly has life.  Maybe add a couple of liquid dots.

THIS page is pretty sweet, too.  I just cut out the bike from a paper and traced around it with glitter glue.  There are a lot of liquid dots on this page to make an exciting border across the top.  Fussy cut those kites to add even more interest.  Use more glitter glue on the strings and ribbons of the kite to show them off and send them high off of the page with large glue dots.

You could keep it very simple.  Three, different coordinating papers, separated with ribbon.  Add a few matching flowers and more liquid dots for a finished page.

Another great one with very few elements used.  Two coordinating papers, one fabulous flower, more clipped word strips, a touch of decorative ribbon and a few gems. Voila!

The simplicity of this page is staggering!  Three different papers cut to perfection and layered.  One cut out from the paper packs.  Webster's mega awesome ribbon and another inexpensive paper flower to top it off.

Ink around the edges of your elements and papers for a polished page.  Using the same kind of flowers throughout your book will lend a cohesive feel.

Cut out your favourite clusters from the papers and or add a bit of bling with dimensional types of adhesives.

Layering always looks so super.  I used pearls throughout my mini for more cohesion and more of the same flowers in different colours.

Keep your wording generic if you're not sure what photos you are going to use on the page.

I finished with this fun page.  All coordinating papers, with a touch of contrast.  More gems to make the balloons stand out.  A bit of textiles for softness and pretty, little flowers with coordinating bling to round it all off.

That's it!  The pages are finally finished and after 4 years!  Even a super scrapper like me can take forever to finish an album.  So don't beat yourself up if things are being dragged out.  Scrapbooking should be an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Thanks so much for following our progress on this soon to be fabulous mini.

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