Saturday, June 10, 2017

Free Father's Day Printables From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Yesterday, we showed off some serious, manly, scrapbooking inspiration, linked you up to some dad related freebies around the web and gave some examples of a few of our own Dad's Day projects in both hybrid and traditional scrap.

Today, I've got a fun page of printables for dear ole dad.

There are three tags and two labels.  I surfed the net for ideas and really liked the labels idea.  Put them around dad's favourite soda, beer or around a canister or 5 of dad's favourite snacks.  Consider recycling some jars or using the very popular Mason jars if you prefer.

Right click on the image and save to your downloads.  Remember our goodies are for Personal Use ONLY.  

Print them out as many times as you need.

 Cut and get something to adhere.  String, ribbon, tape, glue dots...

 Consider dad's favourite snack and recycle some glass jars.

 You could use popcorn already popped or soda if ya want to play with words.

Nuts, sweets, beer, soda, bacon bits.  I even checked out a bacon candy recipe that looked interesting.

I used the same colour palette from our Men In Mind Templates that you can find in the shop.  We've got a gallery of inspiration with these templates there as well.

Men IN Mind Templates
Men In Mind Templates

I've also got some more new templates in the shop, this week.

These are layered banner templates.  I'll be blogging a step by step tutorial for them and giving several examples for inspiration and ideas, later next week.

Here's one I made with Made By Keuntje's free mini kit that I gave the links for in yesterday's blog.  If you missed it, click here.

If you need more ideas for Dad, visit our Gifts For Guys board on Pinterest.  It's full of all kinds of ideas.  Things the kids can make.  Hand made crafts and expensive as well as inexpensive ideas.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry!

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