Saturday, June 3, 2017

Free Pokemon Door Hanger from The Cherry On Top

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturday.

My kids are gaming fanatics and I can imagine that you might know some as well.  My boys get so excited when I design them game oriented goodies.  I've done plenty so far and I always share here them here, on the blog.  I've got a few linked up so you can join on the gaming rage with The Cherry.

Check out some previous posts, get the new freebie and GAME ON!

 Go! Catch'm All

Go, Cath'em All from MagsGraphic Designs is definitely an ideal kit for the Pokemon fans.  You can use these digital kits for more than just scrapbooking.  Make all kinds of printables in any way you like.  Invitations, labels, tags, party supplies, banners...There are so many things you can do with digital scrapbooking kits beside typical pages.  I blogged about that just a bit ago.  Click here to see some ideas of what I mean.

Here's your free door hanger.  I designed it all just from basic shapes by merging, clipping, distorting, etc.  Right click and save the image to your downloads.  Remember, all of our goodies are for Personal Use ONLY.  I totally recommend printing on rigid paper.  Consider laminating if you think the recipient could use the extra reinforcement.  Hehehe...It will help keep it water resistant as well.

There are several ways to neatly cut the hole out.  Use a large circle punch if you have one in your stash.  Score an "X" in the middle of the circle to get started and then cut from the centre.  I often make a cut on the outside of the door hanger, into the centre of the circle, cut around the circle then tape over the cut if necessary.

Check out some of our other game related printables and such...

 I made this piñata completely for free (just the toys inside).  Find out how by clicking on the image.

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 free door hanger
This is also free.

T Lego Storage ideas
 Here's a blog on how to organise all of these blocks and such.

 wallet template
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 free nerf targets free Nerf Targets

These are fun Nerf targets for mini cans and on the doors.  I was hoping the kids would go for these instead of each other.  My youngest really hates being the target and the animals are not fond either.

 Here are a few of our recent freebies.

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 Our newest free template.

Thanks so much for doing us at The Cherry.  We'll be back next week with more freebies with dad as our inspiration.  Ya won't wanna miss!

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Happy crafting!

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