Thursday, June 1, 2017

Scrapbooking Blog Train of Freebies with Leigh Penrod and Friends and The Wish List Winner

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

If this is your first time here, you are in a for a treat.  At The Cherry we are all about inspiration, tutorials, tips, tricks and we just love free scrapbooking goodies, too.  This blog is brimming with free digital and hybrid scrapbooking products.

We've got a shop where we sell other digital and printable products and we keep the prices nearer to the bottom of the barrel so that all of our fans can enjoy good quality scrapbooking goodies to display their precious photos, gift give or just to relax and unwind while being creative.

Today's Wish List Winner is Kylie.  I've contacted her through the shop.  Thanks for liking our store and hearting your favourite items!

I only took a couple of the colours for today's free template.  Keep reading to see some pages for inspiration.  I've got a look at some of our templates in Kreative Design Studio and a preview of a previous, free template.

This template is no longer available, but can be found at Kreative Design Studio with a set of three other templates for just ,99 cents!

I've kept this month's template mega simple, but boy is it versatile!  Consider changing the direction of the template if you like. 

Change it all around and upside down...

or just change it horizontally.  Any way you like.  Of course you don't have to even use the travel pieces if they won't work on your page.

Look how I did my page.  I used the travel pieces, word art and mixed it with a kit.

Kim Cameron Designs, The Light House Keeper

You can always put in your own title that might be more appropriate.  You could also turn all of those square into more photos if you have a lot of photos you want to show off on one page.  Another option is stretching the top square down to the bottom and insert just one long photo or paper.

I told you it was versatile!

 Made By Keuntje, Around The World

My gal Dana from Made By Keuntje made this page with the template.  She used mostly pictures and put a background paper in one of the squares to show off a pretty cluster.  This is her kit, Around The World.


If you are all about the free templates, then you better start following us here and join our group so that you never miss out on all of the free ones.  I recently started a win it before you buy it in our group where you can win a pack of templates before they even go in the shop.  I do a few hops that you don't want to miss because that's where you can get more free ones and I post free digital scrapbooking links nearly every single day on my page and in my group.  Pinterest is also a hot spot of ours.  Friday's are always full of FREEBIES and often I include a free hybrid for Hybrid Saturday.

 Here's a look at some of our newer templates in the shop.

 Men In Mind
 Man In Mind Templates

With Father's Day around the corner, dad might really love a page dedicated just to him or maybe with him being a dad.  Of course, you can use the basis of any of our templates and ignore the theme entirely.  It's just there to inspire you or perhaps give you ideas when you are falling short of the mojo.  These templates have NO FLOWERS.  Can you believe it?!  How dare I?!  I know there are quite a few scrappy sisters who never put flowers on manly pages and this is great for them and for you.  

Elements in a template are never the determining factor for me purchasing the pack.  I only really look at the basis of the template.  I want it to be versatile so I can keep using it.

See what we did with the templates.

 Men In Mind
 Kim Cameron Designs, Bad To The Bone

I know a lot of dads who wouldn't mind a mini album showing off their favourite man toys and these templates really are perfect for that.  You could always canvas your pages, turn them into cards or calendars....

I'll be blogging up a Dad's Day edition to give you ideas.

 Men In Mind Templates
 Men In Mind Templates

If you like the pages, but don't find the time to scrap them, simply put in the photo you want and you've scrapped.  These make pretty good quick pages as well.

 Men In Mind Templates
Men In Mind Templates and Dog Daze from The Cherry

My scrappy sister Hilary used our free Dog Daze kit with our templates.  See!  No dudes required.

 Men In Mind Templates
 Kim Cameron Designs, Route 66

Yet another flowerless page I did of my friend who had an epic trip to the States last year.  I used Route 66 from Kim Cameron Designs.

 Men In Mind Templates
 Boyhood Adventures and Men In Mind Templates

I just love Hilary's page using the new templates.

Here's one more.  See how they keep changing the position of the template to fit their needs?

 Men In Mind Templates
No Girls Allowed, Throwing Some Scraps Around and Made By Keuntje

Here are a few more templates in the shop.

 Cake N' Ice Cream Templates
Cake N' Ice Cream

 Men In Mind Templates
 Cake N' Ice Cream Templates and a Birthday Gift Kit from The Studio

 Cluster Queen Templates
Cluster Queen Templates

I love what Lisa has done with her page.

 Cluster Queen Templates
Snickerdoodle Designs and Cluster Queen Template

Did she go nuts or what on that gorgeous cluster all along the side.  Eek!  Fab!

 free quick page

I'll leave ya with last week's freebie from Friday in case you missed it. It was pretty popular!

Here are the other stops...

Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cherries!


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