Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Birthday To The Studio And Presents

Hey there, Fans and Friends of The Cherry!

I've got a little something different for you, today!

I headed over to check out The Studio's Birthday Bash celebration and jumped right into this challenge from ADB.   There are so many FREE goodies over there.  You won't believe your eyes.  I picked up two FREE mini's and went to town on my quick page.   I added a bit of CU items I purchased from The Studio, previously.  This is the result.  You may download if for nut'n over at The Studio by clicking on the image.  When ya get there, click on the hi-lighted word "Freebie".

WAIT!  The fun doesn't stop there.  Nor do the FREEBIES!  Some of these have been taken down by now.

 The Studio

Here's a look at the palette and an example of a FREE mini.  Fabulous, right?!


I am NO designer, but I do love to play.  I whipped up another special goody, keeping this challenge in mind, especially, for my blog fans.  Have at it!


 FREE cluster

If you are here for the FREEbies, then you MUST head over to my Facebook Page and grab three more, fabulous FREEBIES I have over there.  

Scroll through past Cherry blog entries and see all of the other free stuff you can add to your Digi Stash.

Thanks for hit'n up The Cherry On Top!  Do it again!!!

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