Monday, September 15, 2014

TCOT Weekly Menu Planner #26

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner!

I've been researching the Paleo diet and have found it very interesting for our family.  My hubby is a heart patient, both my boys have Autism and I've always had digestion issues, so I thought I might take on some of the ideas from this diet.  

It certainly hasn't been easy and a lot of peeps are not at all into this kind of eating.  So far, my two issues are, I'm ALWAYS hungry and that's because of number 2 reason.  I always feel like I'm in the kitchen preparing or cooking.  I really feel it's just a matter of making it routine and I've had few digestive issues since I started even though I haven't gone hog wild.

I actually feel a bit guilty about sharing recipes that totally goes against, what seem to be good reasons for cutting particular food out of our diet.  I'll put in a couple of notes and links to explain or replace some ingredients that ya may want to try illuminating from your cabinet/fridge.

Meatless Monday: Salad  Yip!  I really love this blog that this recipe is hooked up to.  Head over and check out how to prepare this yummy, filling salad or make a salad that your family can sink their teeth into.  Of course you can add some prosciutto, ham or chicken!  (Paleo Tip, no beans.  If you were like myself and thought that beans/legumes were good for us, read here.)


Tuesday:  Monterrey Chicken and these awesome baked fries

I would eat just these two and lay it out over a nice mix of salad greens, like rucola. One of my favourite.  (Click here to get the skin about potatoes and why you might consider cutting them out.  Especially, if you are diabetic.)

 recipe  recipe

Wednesday:  Linguini Rosa and shrimp

I'll be whipping up this recipe with a lot less dairy and quinoa or rice pasta.


Thursday:  sesame ginger salmon 

I'll be enjoying some rice and carrots with this salmon.


Fun Food Friday:  Burgers, Baby!  Check out this amazing page full of awesome burger ideas and head to the site for more details.  It's pretty funny.
I leave out the bread and cheese and turn these into a big chopped salad that is more Paleo friendly.


Saturday:  sausage, mashed potatoes, veg

I make sausage on my grill pan with peppers and mushrooms.  No onions for me, but you can throw them in there as well.  My boys love mashed potatoes, so I'll whip some up without milk because I'll be having gravy to serve with it.  Choose a family favourite vegetable or try something new.  (If you want to go Paleo, you'll have to rethink those potatoes.  Instead of cutting them out, I'm cutting way back to once or twice a week.)


Sunday:  Rustic Italian Beef Ragu

Get that crock pot out and give yourself a break on Sunday!  Have the kids set the table and clean up. Hehehe...Serve this with bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or wrap it in some lettuce.


If you want a handy place to write out your weekly menu, then click on the below image to print this out and get some ideas.

 free download

You're set!  Enjoy your meals this week.

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