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TCOT's Weekly Menu Planner #24

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Back in the saddle this week with some totally awesome recipes and helpful, FREE printables that will make your life even easier still.  I've teamed up with my girl Raquel from Boutique Cute Dolls.  She's a designer over there and a recent kit of her, Things Cooking was just what I needed for today's blog handy helper!

First!  The menu for this week.

Meatless Monday:

Ravioli in a fresh tomato sauce is at the top of my favourites list.  If you don't want to do the meatless thing, then buy some raviolis with meat in them.  Solved!  Fresh pasta cooks under 5 minutes and it exceeds dried pasta by far when it comes to flavour and health.  Buy the best canned, diced tomatoes you can buy for a recipe like this or use your fresh ones from the garden.  As if?!  (My pa-la totally sets me up with his delicious, organic veggies.   Mega score!)  Sautee some chopped garlic and onions in a couple of tables spoons olive oil, add your tomatoes and herbs of your choosing, let it heat through and BAM!  It's ready!  Of course, you can go with a jarred version, but Boo!  There's almost always sugar in there and all kinds of other ingredients that are not good for you.  Yuck!

Oh!  Don't be afraid of that olive oil either.  It is really good for you. I often drizzle a little olive oil over the top of my dish right before serving because uncooked olive oil has even more health benefits than cooked!  This recipe is perfect.  Click on the image to get it.



Quesedillas are a kids favourite.  The variety is absolutely amazing!  The way you cook them also.  These are not known here in Belgium, but when I serve them, they ask for the recipe and typically make them for their own families.  My hubby and I like shrimp on ours, the kids like just cheese or some sliced sandwich chicken or ham on their.  You can pan them up for a couple of minutes on each side or throw them puppies in the over for 10 minutes if you don't wanna dirty the stove.

There are very little dishes and the cooking itself also uber short!  Garnish with some sour cream, sambal, green onions, salsa, guacamole....unbelievable, right?!



Big Salad with Fresh Tuna.  This could be your flex day if your too busy to cook up something for the Fam or you have some left overs around, but we will be enjoying a big ole fresh salad from the last of summer's goodies and grilling up a tuna steak to go with it.  have you ever had FRESH TUNA?!  OMG!!  I've only had it very recently, but, Man!  That stuff is good!  That crap in the can can't compare.  It's really expensive here, but in some places like Spain, it's very affordable.  I buy it when I see it on promotion, which ain't often!

Use THIS recipe.  There are some many recipes where they marinate the tuna!  Hello?!  Fresh tuna is so gosh darn delicious, you DON'T have to marinade it?!


I've been researching the Paleo Diet for a ton of different reasons and I'm thinking about taking on the challenge.  The above meal if Paleo perfect!  Delicious fish filled with Mega Healthy Omega 3 and all the other fabulous minerals, fiber, vitamins from our salad will give us an awesome healthy kick!


Slow cooker ribs, Baby!

Get out your flow cooker.  Slice up some onions, place them on the bottom, place your ribs on top of the onions, pour over your favourite BBQ sauce and head off to work.  When ya get home, you'll think you're in a restaurant.  Heat up a can of corn or even better some corn on the cobb.  It's ready in a mere 10 minutes!  That's it.  It's all ya need.

Doy ou know the Six Sisters?  Fabulous recipes, my friends and fans.  Check out their recipe for ribs. (The link wasn't working at the time.  So, I'm giving the Pinterest link. I'm sure it will be fixed soon.)

Fun Food Friday:

Pizza is back on the list!  It has been way too, long.  I'll be looking into Paleo versions of this for our family, but I'll set you up with a traditional recipe.  Buying the packaged, ready to go crust isn't such a sin if  you don't do it too, often.  I never like the taste of if though.  Use a tortilla if you have some left over.  My boys love pizza on a tortilla and they love helping to make pizza crust.  Most of the time I make it from scratch and sometimes I make it in the bread machine.  I used to think it was quite some work until I made it a couple of times.  The longest part is the rising time, but by the time the oven is ready, all of your toppings are laid out and ya finish that delicious aperitif, it should be about ready!  Ha!


I've got ya totally set up with this link from the image above.  FIVE different varieties of pizza dough making AND a VIDEO.  Thanks to the Food Network Blog.


A Greek Gyro Platter is on tap for today.  I can't get a gyro here, in Belgium.  They have kebab, but it's not nearly as good.  So, as usual, I have to make the darn thing myself.  Since I'm trying to eliminate grains, I won't even bother with a wrap or pita.  I'll be just diving into the meat and veggies.  I love Feta and I know I'll be eventually giving up the dairy, too, but one thing at a time, Man!


When you click on the above image, you'll swept away to my recipe box at AllRecipes.  They use beef for this recipe, but I use lamb.  Awesome!  You could also use chicken if you prefer or no meat at all!


Paella is up for dins tonight.  Let that sucker simmer all evening then dig in or whip up a speedy version.  There are so many varieties of paella out there.  


You are gonna wanna thank me for this recipe.  I often do a quicker version with a lot less seafood, but we do exactly this one for a very special occasions.  Take time on Sunday to be in the kitchen and around the table with your loved ones.

I promised you something special today.  Here's your menu planner that I designed with Boutique Cute Doll's fun digital scrapbooking it, "Things Cooking".
You can print it out and laminate it, magnetise it to your fridge, then use a dry erase marker.  I will be framing it and using a fry erase marker directly on the glass.  Simply right click and download to your computer.  


I've also designed a handy dandy grocery list and mini planner for you to take to the grocers!  Click on the image below and check out my my girl's Kel blog where you can find it and download it, too. Please share the links with your friends and family and not the download itself.  These were meant for your enjoyment and we sure do appreciate the traffic on our blogs.  It's a great way to say thanks.  These are also NOT for resale.  Duh, right?!  Hehehe...(No longer available.)

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Thanks for hanging out at The Cherry.  Enjoy your weeks worth of fabulous food!

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