Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #25 Menu Planner From TCOT

Welcome to the Cherry On Top's weekly menu planner!

Have ya started planning your meals?!  You did?  Great!  You didn't?!  Well, get started today because there's no time like the present.  Save yourself time, money, hassle and eat better with these relatively simple and fast meals.

Meatless Monday: pasta n' pumpkin

Mmmmm...Pasta, pumpkin and sage are perfect for meatless Monday and for this time of year.  I've got two pumpkins ready for eat'n, right outside  my kitchen door.  There are so many things you can make with pumpkin and a lot of kids and peeps like pumpkin.  Although, sometimes ya have to slip it under the rug if ya know what I mean.  Click on this fabulous image and grab the recipe and start your ingredient list for shopping.  

Tip:  If you want to add meat, then try some prosciutto or bacon julienne style!.


Tuesday:  fish, chutney and veggies

This is a Paleo style meal if you minus the sugar which I always do.  Yuck!  I mean, isn't mango sweet enough?!  Anyway...Take a good look at the image.  This lovely fish and chutney is resting on a lovely salad.  Try to ditch the thought that we HAVE to have a starch with our meal.  It ain't easy!


Wednesday:  Ranch chicken tacos

This meal is border line genius with the rotisserie chicken choice.  Makes your cooking time null if you're going to pick it up on the way home.  Otherwise, use some ground chicken or grill some chicken on your grill pan and shred it up.  You may need a bit of time for getting out all of those yummy toppings, but there's no cooking.


Thursday:  smoked salmon sandwiches with spinach or argula and mascarpone

The name is the recipe here, folks.  You won't find anything more than that.  I've got a couple of tips for you.  I love using garlic and herb cream cheese with my salmon sandwiches and if possible, use fresh baked bread. 

Fun Food Friday:  Hot wings, Baby!

Well, what do ya know?!  I've even got Hooters on my blog today!  Something for everyone!  Hehehe...  I've been making my own hot wings for nearly two decades and since I'm raised a Florida girl, I love Hooters style wings.  Enjoy this awesome recipe and one of my favourites! Tips:  Just a few more for this one.  My hubby grills our wings then shakes them up in the sauce.  No fat, no flour. You can also fry in coconut oil for a much healthier choice.

Serve up your wings with some delicious fries and a raw veggie platter with the family's favourite dip'n sauce.  My hubby can't have wings without his blue cheese dressing.  I make it from scratch and it's really easy.  Click here for the recipe.


Saturday:  BLT's

For my European and non US fans, a BLT is a sandwich.  Typically, consisting of bacon,lettuce and tomatoes.  However, there are so many different ways to make them.  Some swear by toast (Yes, please!).  Some like it on fresh bread.  You can add avocado, egg salad, cheese....I've got ya hooked up to Southern Living where they have 17 different version of this American classic.  I also did a search on Pinterest and found some more mazing alternatives!


Sunday:  Grill it up!

We are serious grilling people.  If we've got a bit of extra time, my hubby is out there firing up the grill.  I love that!  The mess is outside.  There are hardly any dishes and clean up is a breeze.  For me!!!  LOL!  I thought this steak looked awesome.  When you click on the link it will take you to a simple recipe that you could also use your grill pan for.  Check all 17 recipes out until you find the one you like.  
 chicken recipe +

Gee!  3 pm already?!  I've gotta go grab the kids from school.  Get your lists ready for the grocer's and enjoy your week's meals!

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