Monday, September 22, 2014

Week #27 Menu Planner From TCOT

Welcome to Week #27!

I'm changing it up a bit just to try something different.  I get bored easily and that's why I make so many kinds of different foods.  Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American, Belgian, Spanish...It's all very good! OK, you won't find too much Scandinavian or English fare here because lets' face it, I'm just not THAT brave.  Hehehe...

Meatless Monday:  Leek and Potato Soup

I just whipped up some hardy, leek and potato soup. It took me 8 minutes to prep it.  OK, it's not faster than opening a can or bottle and pouring it in the pot, but EIGHT minutes?!  That's pretty darn good and I'm a terrible chopper!  Hehehe...  With soup, you can go big.  I chopped 3 leek, 4 potatoes (peeled), a small onion and 3 smaller gloves of garlic.  I sautéed the garlic, onion and leek for about five minutes in some olive oil and butter, then added the potatoes, salt, pepper, water (just until ingredients are nicely covered) and mixed, dried herbs.

There are a couple of good things about making your own soup.  Of course, you know everything thing that is going into it and all/most of it better be fresh food!  I like most of my food with hardly any salt, so that I can control by making it myself.  This soup, I like with a little more pepper than usual, too.  Everyone in my family likes their soup different.  Rrrr...  I like mine big and chunky, like a stew.  My hubby and kids prefer their soup Belgian style, which is completely processed.  With this recipe, I dished out some before zapping it with my staff mixer.  You can also add a touch of creme to it if someone prefers and if you do a taste and think it's bland, then add a couple of pinches dried bouillon.  Mmmm...

Another thing you can do is dump all of the above ingredients (except the creme) into your slow cooker and let it sit all day.  Then prepare it to your preference when you get home.

If soup just isn't enough, consider some fresh baked bread with soft herb cheese.  Yummy!

Tuesday:  salmon (fish) rice n' veg

I didn't get around to making the salmon last week, but it was on promotion today at the store and I'll be get'n that ready for tomorrow.  You can follow last weeks recipe, which was a ginger and sesame salmon or make something completely different.  Serve it with quinoa or rice and a steamed veggie of your choice.  I've got recipes for both of these side in other menu's.

Wednesday:  pork chops and a salad with mixed greens

I bought a kick @ss pork chop.   That's right!  Just one!  It's absolutely enormous and enough to feed all four of us.  Daily requirements of meat are actually a lot lower than what most people think.  (3x 3 ounce meat servings a day is all ya need.)  The only way I like my pork chops are grilled or baked in the oven.  I bought a couple kinds of lettuce that I'll chop up with tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumbers and maybe a little bit of shredded cheese.  Add croutons if you like and your favourite dressing.  I love balsamic with olive oil and herbs.

I've got a recipe hooked up for you.  Click the image and follow the link to a fantastic way to prepare your chops before they hit the grill!

 recipe for grilled chops

Thursday:  lamburger Greek dish

I love lamb.  If it ain't yo' thang, then use regular hamburger.  Try to get it as lean as you can and watch out for grease.  Lamb is especially greasy!  So hold off on the olive oil a bit.  I've got my own recipe somewhere on here, but I found another one that is really similar to mine.  I do NOT use cinnamon even though it's super healthy.  I only like it with sweet stuff and my husband cannot stand it.  If you don't know about all of the health benefits of cinnamon, you may want to read about it.  Especially, in the case of diabetes!  I also really like peppers in this as well as egg plant, but you don't have to put those in there.  Click on the image, below and see how easy it is to make this fabulous meal.  I also use lamburger because it's a fraction of the cost of lamb cut any other way.

 recipe for Greek dish

Fun Food Friday:  chicken enchiladas

Another thing I bought today was ground chicken.  You could totally use it for chicken enchiladas.  It will cook up in a snap and you won't have to shred it.  There are so many fantastic recipes for enchiladas.  I was drooling over at Pinterest!  This one is so easy, it comes with directions and a video, too.  Click on the link and see how easy enchiladas are to make.  You may be surprised!  Look for other lovely sides for this like refried beans, salsa, guacamole and Mexican rice.  I've linked up these sides up to my all time favourite recipes.

I'm gonna warn ya, here.  If you make this entree and the sides using the recipes above, you and your family may never want to go to a restaurant for this, again.  It's really THAT good!

 enchilada recipe

Saturday: mini turkey meat balls in a creamy sauce

More promotions at the store today.  Something new, mini turkey meat balls.  I plan on sautéing them with mushrooms (huge chunks so I can swim around them for the kids), onions, garlic, salt, pepper and then melting in some cream cheese.  That's it!  Serve it over potatoes, rice or pasta.  This meal might take 10 minutes to make, depending on the starch you choose.

Sunday:  spekske sauce

That's right!  This is something I ate growing up in a Pennsylvania German household.  In America, we call it bacon dressing.  In Belgium it's a super popular dish called spekske saus.  I was shocked to see it here and to find there was only ONE ingredient different.  Wow!

I now have a mission!  To make the recipe, take photos and supply you with that because all of the recipes I went through are not nearly as healthy and delicious as my own.  Hehehe...  This one was the closest I could find.  I do not use celery (because we just don't like it).  I would NEVER use sugar. Eeeew!  Since you are using the totally recommended apple cider vinegar, that's sweet enough!  I used to use other vinegars, but apple cider vinegar is way, way better.  I make mine with potatoes for a fuller meal and I use the water from there to make my sauce.   You can choose any type of green that you like as well. 

 bacon dressing

So, I made you a menu this week from all of the things I just purchased at the grocers which is the opposite way than how I normally do it!  LOL!

I hope you enjoy your meals this week.  See ya next Monday!

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