Friday, March 10, 2017

Fabulous Scrapbooking Freebies For Friday

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.

As usual we are here to bring you fabulous scrapbooking inspiration and show off DigiLand's newest goodies for scrapbooking.  These designs can be used traditionally or digitally.  If you're a die hard traditional scrapper, don't be turned away by digital.  You can totally lift our inspiration for your personal pages.  Often, for Traditional Tuesday, I show how to take a digital design to paper pages.

I'm showing off new goodies from Throwing Some Scraps Around, Aimee Harrison Designs and new templates from The Cherry On Top with your fur babies in mind, again.  Of course, I've links to some of the hottest freebies on the net.

 Throwing Some Scraps Around templates

Can you believe these two pages were made with a free collection?  That's right!  These pretty pages show off the Digi Scrap Parade's goodies and they are ALWAYS fabulous.  This one really won me over.  The colours!  Divine!  For both layouts, I used Throwing Some Scraps Around new, fabulous templates, Circle Me.  

How's that picture above, for a throwback?!  What I wouldn't do for those tanned skinny arms and that lovely shade of blonde.  Man!  Beach life in Florida was tough.  Hehehe...

 Throwing Some Scraps Around templates

Here's a more modern shot of some beautiful swans swimming in the Mosel River in Germany.  They did not appreciate our intrusion and sent us running.   Hehehe...But how about this kit and these great templates?!  A must have for your scrap stash, for sure.

Recognise my page layout?  I used my newest set of digital templates found in our shop, Kreative Design Studio.  A huge shout out to all of our customers so far.  We're off to one heck of a good start and wanted to thank store visitors, too.  Favouriting our shop and our items makes them more visible for others.  If ya don't have the dosh to buy our items, you can always "thank" us by leaving love around social spots, including our store.

Aimee Harrison's newest release, Forever Friends is so bold and beautiful it just makes ya smile!

 dog Daze Templates
 Dog Daze PAGE templates

I want to point out something exceptional with this series of templates and that is the packaging and formats.  Notice, in the top left corner, Page Only and PSD, TIF, PNG.  Page formats are often larger than other formats and Etsy's upload sizes are only 20 mb so I had to separate these templates to meet these requirements.  Page format is sold separately .  so make sure you order the correct one.  If ya do mess it up, no worries.  Just shoot me an e-mail and we'll get it all straightened out.

Allow  me to woo you with some lovely inspiration from my Cherry-Tastic Team.

 Dog Daze Templates

Above Dana's layout and she also used Kindness Matters from the Digi Scrap Parade.

 Dog Daze Templates

My gal Hilary scrapped up this page using my free Dog Daze kit.  I've taken the down links for repairs and will get it all fixed up and in the shop very soon.  Keep looking!

 Dog Daze Templates

 Magalie worked her scrap magic with this lovely page .

 Dog Daze Templates

Here's another from Dana.  This time with our AWESOME collection, Stay Magical.  It is a must have for your digital stash.  We've got printables, planner inserts, scraps goodies and so much more!

 Dig Daze Templates

More magic from Magalie, again.

 dog Daze Templates

Here's goodies from Danelion Dust Designs all scrapped up by Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around.

 Dog Daze templates

Melissa is responsible for these two cute pages.  What an adorable pup!?  Furry Pals from Magical Scraps Galore was a great fit with these templates.

 dog Daze templates

Here's our quick pages.  Just insert your pictures and you've scrapped!

 Dog Daze Quick Pages

If you are a fur baby lover of the feline sort then check out our PuurFect Kit and Templates in the shop!

 The PuurFect Kit

 PuurFect Templates

 PuurFect Cute Cards

 The PuurFect Kit

If you are all about the freebies, check out these free templates from the blog.  If ya missed them, then you better make sure your following us so it doesn't happen again.  If you do scrap with our goodies and would like to share, then join our group.  We have a scrap blast over there!

 free template

I've got some pages to show you using my freebies from our fans.  I love to see what you do with our free stuff.

 free template

Just super!
 free template

 How fun!
 free template

What a cutie!

I've been considering putting out a newsletter due to requests throughout the years.  If this is something that would interest you, would leave a comment?

Here's your freebie.  I used goodies from our Dog Daze kit that's releasing soon.  

 Dog Daze Word Art FREEBIE

Remember that our freebies are always for your Personal Use only.

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Don't forget the Digi Scrap Parade's awesome, free goodies and if ya did miss out, there will be another round. 

This blog is full of freebies.  Kick back, enjoy and fill up your stash with The Cherry!

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