Friday, March 24, 2017

New Scrapbooking Templates and a Couple of Freebies, Too!

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.

I've got some lovely scrapbooking inspiration for you, today.  along with an introduction to some new digital scrapbooking templates and of course freebies.  In the plural, baby!  See what's new and see what ya missed.

 Shabby Chic Templates

Is this kit not just total, "EEK"?!  Tea with Alice from LouCee Creations has made it to my top kits list.  The colours are so wonderful and the elements right up my alley.  Your's too, I bet!  I scrapped up my poes with this hilarious photo.  I just busted him cleaning up after stealing a sausage!  Hehehe...That look on his face is of utter contentment.  Hehehe...

I used my new, Shabby Chic templates for the page.  Note the separate layers in the centre portion of the template.  You can totally customise it to fit your desires.

 Shabby Chic Templates

My gal Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around scrapped up this beautiful page using the Shabby Chic templates along with her gorgeous kit, Melancholy.  I love all of the glitter and these timeless elements.

 Shabby Chic Templates

You're getting a real treat with these next few pages.  Not only am I showing off more Shabby Chic templates, but you're also getting a sneak peek of TWO new kits going out very soon.  This layout of me in my husband's new hat and my favourite past time, drinking a beer.  Grembergen donker to be specific.  Hehehe...It's my all time favourite.  This a kit coming soon from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  Aren't these colours just fabulous?!

I have a look at the preview for these templates further down.  You can see that you can really wildly versatile with them.  I used the photo spots from the templates to clip in a doily for some texture and inserted the frames and photos for something different.

 Shabby Chic Templates

Here's that new kit again and fabulously designed by Dana from Made By Keuntje.  I'm so in love with this page!

 Shabby Chic Templates

I must admit, I really enjoyed with these templates. Hehehe...This one took me a bit until I got all of those flowers just right.  This is also a peek at a new kit coming from Made By Keuntje.  There are a lot more colours in this kit, but because the template was so busy to begin with, I stuck with just a few colours and I'm more than pleased with the results.

Don'cha just love scrapping fun vacation photos?  We all loved it by the pool in Spain.  Can't wit until we go back next spring.

Once you've got yourself a nice, little cluster, simply copy paste it and portion it for perfection around your page.  Perhaps add an element or two different in each.

 Shabby Chic Templates

Here are more of those lovely colours from Dana's unreleased kit.  Mmmm...look at all of the purple! This is another page from Dana.  Totally wonderful!

 Shabby Chic Templates

Here's the templates.  I do not have PAGE format in the shop, but I do have them.  There were two templates that were too large for Etsy upload, but if ya want them, just give me a shout.  I'll get them to you ASAP.

 57 Chevies Templates

If ya like free templates, then you better grab this one.  It's only free for a couple more days and if you do play and post in my group, you could win some new templates.

 57 Chevies Templates

These are my 57 Chevies templates in the shop.  I used them to scrap up my next page.

 57 Chevies Templates

You can see I totally ditched the chevrons for this page!  Hehehe...  How simple and quickly this page came together.  I'm showing off Throwing Some Scraps Around's newest release, Bring It On.  That's a kind of total that I can get on board with.  These colours are just so perfect, too.

 Love ya!  Templates

I used another template from my shop, Kreative Design Studio.  Love Ya! templates are so much.  Give your pages a fresh, modern look with them.  More things from Bring It On showed off nicely.

 Love Ya Templates

A must have for your stash!

 Bring It On

This is a look at the kit.  Click on the preview to get to Jodi's shop.

I used Bring It On to create this month's free calendar.  April's calendar is also ready for you tomorrow.  So, come on back and grab it.  I love using them for my desk top.

 freebie hop from The Lilypad

Jodi has used my stacked badges templates to design these pretty elements.  Click on the preview to get them.

 Free Easter Word Art

This is today's, new freebie. A little word art for the new season.  If you're thinking it looks familiar...This freebie is no longer available, but don't worry this blog and our new site is full of free stuff.

 Free Printable Easter Card

I used the palette and GS Creations goodies to make it as well as last week's free hybrid Easter card as well as...

 Bunny Biz Templates

my templates, Bunny Biz.  What better templates to use for your Easter pictures?!

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Happy scrapping!