Saturday, March 18, 2017

Free Printable Easter Card From The Cherry On Top

Hoppy Saturday, Hybrid Enthusiasts.

I've got a very simple printable Easter card for you.  I'm also showing off some coordinating digital scrapbooking templates with this fun, bright colour palette and some more long eared friends. 

See what's in our shop, Kreative Design Studio and get scrappy this weekend!

I must apologise for these blurry pictures.  I guess it's time for a new camera.  I can't get a clear picture any more, no matter the setting.  Ugh!  I've got a small tutorial at the bottom of the blog.  It's really, very simple you'll see.

 Bunny Business Templates and Quick Pages

I had so much fun designing these templates/quick pages.  You could simply clip your photos in and be done with it or you could clip in your own scrap kit and make it all yours.  See some examples below.

 Bunny Business Templates and Quick Pages

I just love what Theresa did with the template.  Perfect!  She used goodies from A-Manda Creation.

 Bunny Business templates and quick pages

Do you even recognise the template?!  I used the lovely free collection, Kindness Matters from the Digi Scrap Parade.  I really am pleased with the way it turned out.

 North Carolina Page Starter kit

Here's a look at my newest State series, mini kit with title art.  More to come soon.

 Dog Daze Templates

Another recent set of templates are my Dog Daze templates.  Make sure you get the right set.  I'm selling Page files separately when the files are large.

I've got some really fun, free word art on the blog from last week.  If you didn't get it, scroll back and add it to your stash.

 Stay Magical Templates

Here are some more extraordinary templates in the shop.  I teamed up with Made By Keuntje and designed some coordinating quick pages, templates and printables with her gorgeous kit, Stay Magical.  It is just dreamy!

 Stay Magical Templates

I'd love to see how you scrap up that unicorn template!

 The PurrFect Kit

My kitty kit willl make a super addition to your scrap stash.  So many different kitties and I really love the colours.

 Paper Wallet Template

If you are all about the hybrids.  You may be interested in my newest hybrid project in the shop.  I've got some templates, where you clip in your scrap goodies and design your very own wallet gift card with a space for money, gift cards and even a mini album if you like.  I've got a step by step tutorial on the blog to help you through it.

Here's how you get the card together from today.  Download the link at the bottom of the blog.  Print it out, fold...See how I left just a touch of the white paper around the blue background.  I think it looks really nice like this. 

Then you cut the excess off and you're set.  (you may want to unfold the card to get the best cut.)

When you fold it properly, you get the saying in just the right spot.

See how nice it is with a bit of the white frame.  Darn camera!  Hehehe...It's such a cute card.  I hope you think so, too.

Here is the link for the free card.  Enjoy and remember it is for Personal Use ONLY.  It would be great if you shared our blog link and or Pinned us.

Happy hybridising!

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