Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Scrapbooking Organisation

Welcome, Traditional Scrappers.

Today, I'm showing my organisation system or perhaps the lack there of.  Hehehe...For some this might not be organised at all, but for me, it doesn't get any better than this.  Hehehe...Like many of you, organising all of this stuff is just dreadful.  I want to PLAY with it, not organise it.  Hehehe...

I have a huge desk.  I think it's about 5 feet long and 3 feet wide.  Yet, I might have 2 feet, in total to actual scrap in.  I am so, so bad.  I might try to clean my desk once every two years or so.  Every time I go to sit down and scrap, I'm nearly put off by the mess.  I must confess that you will not find one piece or garbage.  If it's on the desk, it will get scrapped eventually.  Hehehe...

My photos might be a little useful for you or perhaps you'll feel really good about your organisation system.  Hehehe...There is also a possibility you're shaking your head thinking, "yip, just like mine".  Ha!

I have several, helpful drawers in my desk which really are well organised.  My centre drawer is full of my most useful products such as adhesives, scissors, rulers, pencils, erasers, ink and paper for ideas and sketching.  Each compartmentalised with shoe box lids.

Another drawer has all of my large alphas and the other small alpha sheets.  Not really easy to go through, but at least separated from the rest.

I have another drawer full of miss matched, small, clear jars full of tiny embellishments.  I save tiny jars from food products, clean them out, let them dry and fill them.  It's a pretty great system.

Above you'll see my favourite drawer.  It's full of ribbon.  Most of the ribbon are wrapped around cardboard and nearly placed in the drawer.  I've got a few spools that don't fit on my hanger, which you'll see later and then this shoe box full of loose, smaller bits of ribbon.

I really dig this Ikea piece of furniture.  In the bottom are my glitter and glitter glues.  The middle drawer is full of the punches I use most.  The box on top, of punches I don't use much and the top drawer are my excess adhesives and some other tools I rarely use.

This is a roll of uber thick glue dots and the way I store my all time favourite glue pen when it's nearly empty.

I totally keep my collections in contact.  They are stored in clear, plastic bags and placed in a diaper box.  As are all of my papers.  I have several diaper boxes holding my organised papers.  I have 12x12's in one box arranged in rainbow order with design paper in the back according to theme such as antique, floral, kids...Another box has my 8x11 papers organised the same way and then I have another box for even smaller papers and those paper books you can purchase.

My "scraps" are also stored in a transparent, plastic bag which I might clean out every 5 years or so.  hehehe...I'm getting much better at throwing away small scraps.

I love this idea, too!  Keep your spooled ribbon on a pants hanger like this one.  Not all of them will fit there.  Those are the ones in the drawer.  This is so easy to see, match and cut.

If I do use a container that ya can't see through, I adhere an example of what is in it, like illustrated above.

Ha!  How's that for a disaster!  See all my diaper boxes right at my feet?  All of my drawers as explained.  On top of my desk is another tiny set of drawers full of tags, bling and photos I really want to scrap.  I've got nearly all of my pens and markers in that large yogurt bucket, which I pimped up with muffin papers.  See it here.

The furniture to the left and right comes from a hospital's garbage.  The one on the right is my wrapping paper station, though there is no room to wrap.  Ooopsy...To the left another awesomely organised area.  For real!  All of my buttons, paper flowers, edging scissors, chipboard embellishments, washi and venire goodies are all organised in there.

I recently found my wooden mug holder which I saw someone organise their washi on.  It still hasn't made it to my area yet, but it's on the way.  

Go to this link for some great organisation ideas.

And that chaotic disaster is where I create and I think it's an excellent example of my brain and how it works.  Hehehe...

I'd love to see your workspace and if you have some awesome organisation ideas, hit us up!

We'll be back with more scrapbooking inspiration next week when we show off our caterpillar page.  See the first part of that blog, here.

Happy scrapping!

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