Friday, March 31, 2017

Hybrid Scrapbooking with Aimee Harrison Designs and The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

There are just a few tiny changes this week.  April 1st is a big day in DigiLand.  Mostly, because it's the first.  Hehehe...A lot of new scrapbooking products come out on the first and as many of you know, there are often blog hops that day, too.  Since we also contribute to a few blog hops and we have so many new products to show off, we are pushing up our typical Hybrid Saturday to Friday and our Freebie Friday to Saturday.  Though, I do have some freebies at the end, too.

So make sure you get your pretty little butts back here, tomorrow for a huge blog full of inspiration by means of pretty pages, the newest and most awesome digital scrapbooking products and links to many freebies.

 Orange Spice

I've got Aimee Harrison Designs in the spot light, yet again.  I'm showing off her newest collection, Orange Spice and some of her templates.  I've also got an idea for an easy hybrid project you can whip up in minutes.

Above, I scrapped up my nieces and their mom at the sea, here in Belgium.  I love when the colours in my photos match the kit.  Sometimes it's luck and sometimes it's planned.  Hehehe...  This page is strutting off Aimee's new templates, Patterns A Plenty.  I've got the link further down.

 Orange and Spice

Check out those borders, stamps and clusters.  You're pages are going to be so fantastic!

Let's get right into that hybrid project.

Aimee's collections have clusters, borders, word art and other special additions to make scrapbooking not only gorgeous, but really fast.  I often scrap about the many advantages of scrapping with collections either digitally or traditionally.  They save so much time and when piecing various collections together is not really something you're good at, then collections are definitely for you.

In my first screen shot, I'm using one of Aimee's clusters from Orange Spice as well as a frame from the kit.  I always like my frames at a bit of an angle.

With my PSE software, I can see exactly how large or small my project is.  These are going to be magnets for on my mother's refrigerator.  These colours are exactly what is in her kitchen and she is one of those total matchy people.  Everything HAS to match.  Hehehe...Soon as I saw this collection, I knew what I was going to make.  Besides, I promised dear mum that I'd send her newer pictures of the boys for on her refrigerator.  If you'd like to see the other fridge magnets I made with Paty Greif's products, click here. (Though Paty's store is closed.)

I used another cluster and added a few more elements to the cluster for this one.  I also perused Aimee's frames from other kits and found this lovely one which matches perfectly and is a bit of me mum's style.

When your clusters are all scrapped up, place them on one page to save paper.  that is, if they fit.  You see I turned one of them so it fits proper.

For some reason, I'm not great at printing from PSE.  I use my Preview from my computer for the best results.  I used my thickest grade of paper for this because I wanted it to be rigid.  However, if you plan on laminating your project, the grade isn't quite as important.  Because this hybrid is going into the kitchen, I'm thinking thick and laminated will be best.

Yay!  I've cut out my frame clusters, put them through my laminator...

Then cut them from the laminate.  You can see very obviously, that I left laminate around the edging so that it doesn't fall apart.  Sometimes laminate will come undone if you cut too close to whatever is inside and I didn't want that happening.

I grabbed my magnetic tape.  I can't believe how much I use this stuff.  I may have paid 2,99 for it and ya get a lot.  I believe I bought mine either at Hema or Pipoos, which is a craft store chain here, in Belgium.  I'm sure you can get it at A.C. Moore or Michael's, Hobby Lobby...

I wasn't skimpy with my tape, though my project is so light, it doesn't need too much.

I wanted to show them off whilst hanging.  My fridge is built in so I hung them on my metal desk.  Voila!

 Aimee Harrison Templates

Here are Aimee's templates.  They are so, so super!  

 Aimee Harrison Templates

You are getting a bit of a bonus, today.  Since tomorrow's blog is going to be so packed stuff, I'm showing off these two freebies.  See if you can still download them.  they are both linked up.  I know for sure, Aimee has a lot of freebies on her blog and in her newsletter.

 freebie from Aimee Harrison

 freebie from Aimee Harrison

I'll be back with another beautiful hybrid project idea with another fabulous collection from Aimee, very soon.  Make sure ya "book" it!  That's your hint...Hehehe...

I hope you enjoyed today's hybrid idea and that you find the value in purchasing collections and find the versatility they provide as well.

Happy scrapping!

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